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Our Performing Arts summer camp

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Campers will be able to experience all areas of the performing arts. All of the performing arts visuals enhance learning. Campers will be able to increase their math, reading, writing, and science skills through dance , acting, art, and communications. The children will get a chance to participate in all four arts.
There will be a rotation throughout the day so each child can experience art and fun games. They will be separated by age groups.
Our camp is unique because it’s operated by all experienced school teachers and the instructors are teachers as well. We are the only camp offering four distinct art areas with a communications section.
Children  will build their self esteem and grow as performers and increase in academics. I’m sure you all would love to see the show. Each camper will get a free shirt, a snack will be provided. Priced reasonably  a week. Camp hours are 7:30am– 6:00pm. We offer weekly, monthly ,and bi -weekly payment options. The registration fee is waived . Ages for camp are 5yrs— age 15. Your camper will have fun and meet lots of friends who share the same passion.

In August there will be an amazing show for our families to attend and see what we have been working on throughout each week. The children’s art will be displayed . There will be musicall skits and or a short play and video of their work . There will also be dance routines  and songs performed in an auditorium.

Dance will focus on communication through the art of dance, Interpretive dance, mathematical timing, movement connection to science, and dance choreography. Children will get a chance to take  dance classes such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet , Contemporary, and Multicultural . 
In Drama the students will learn how to do scripts, reading with expression , story telling ,writing creative stories , Musical Theatre, practicing character roles for the showcase, creating characters, and improvisation .They will also learn Drama techniques such as blocking, set design, pantomime , and costuming. They will design the set with the Art Teacher
The Art section will consist of being creative and expressive through art. They  will depict art through drawing and painting. The children will learn and understand the mathematical and science techniques of making art. The students will create several pieces of art with  using both sides of the brain to achieve different styles of art. 
In the communications section , the students  will focus on reading and writing ,creating commercial scripts,  poetry ,public service announcements , doing commercials , story boarding filming  ,different roles of TV Production, editing film, and technology . The children will get a chance to be very creative and use their imagination.

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Our spotlight stars dance team. Ages 7 -18.  Its a competitive team that performs all around the county