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Melissa & Starling's Performing arts


Our Girls Enrichment Dance, Theatre, Vocal,

Acro, Art , and Academics program

" M & S Community Stars"

Located in the Boynton Beach Mall


*Enrichment nonprofit organization dedicated to

building self-esteem and leadership capability in


*We are professionals, educators that can serve

as mentors to the students.

*Our programs support the achievement of

physical, mental, social, emotional, and economic


*Girls can perform at events at the school and in

the community.

*The girls will learn the foundation of dance, art,

acting, singing, and gymnastics.

*Girls will learn styles and techniques of Ballet,

Jazz, Hip Hop , Modern, Contemporary, Tap,

Musical Theatre, Painting, and Filming.

*They will learn public speaking and participate

in Academic Tutoring, Etiquette Classes, and

  • Community Service.

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Contact Melissa or Malinda at M&S Performing Arts and Tutoring to get your child involved into the Girls Enrichment program. You can call 561-313-6143

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